Why do a polygraph test

Aren’t you tired of stock losses/crime/theft and dishonest people in your business? I truly belief that our company can make a huge difference in the world we live in. The reason I started this company is to help other companies thrive and also to decrease theft in any company. Companies don’t realize that if they don’t spend money to solve a specific problem, they can potentially lose millions each year. Employees get away with a lot and if not properly managed; it will result in losing money unnecessarily.


Polygraph testing is a very effective tool when used in the correct way by experts. Tests are used to verify the truth and detect deceit in individuals. During the polygraph test, it is much easier for you to exonerate or expose your deception very fast without necessarily having to use other forms of evidence. Lie detector testing is a tool that is very valuable and enables examiners to find a solution and solve the problem under investigation. Polygraph testing provides solutions to all companies and individuals much faster and at a lower cost. This will potentially save resources, time and cost by simply focusing on the inquiry and suggestions on how to solve the problem under investigation in a cost effective way.


Remember if no money is used to solve the problem, this will happen again and again with even bigger losses.

I’m not an expert in prevention of crime or theft, but I am a qualified polygraph examiner and an expert in my field. Polygraphs have helped me solve many cases for my clients and I possess a fair amount of common sense.

So this is a very important matter to consider. Prevention of crime and theft can be dealt with and decreased in every company through polygraph tests.Use money to save millions or save money to lose millions?

Periodic – Every so often

Periodic polygraph testing are used to test individuals randomly and continuously every year.

  • Security Services
  • Transit cash services
  • Payments, claims and cashiering
  • Insurance fraud
  • Warehousing personnel
  • Delivery Services

Specific Polygraph Tests

This is based on suspected fraud, where clients require assurance of guilt:

  • Cash in transit
  • Illegal payments or settlements to customers
  • Issue of warehouse stock items to unauthorised staff
    suspicion of fraud in the workplace
  • Theft suspicion
  • Intermittent – Forensic Services
  • Case building on Forensic evidence for a court of Law:
    – Individual forensic services
    – Tracking of individuals and locating services


Polygraph services for new job applicants:

  • New employment applicants

KPOT- (Known peak of tension)

These tests can only be performed when there is specific information that only the perpetrator and the police or the examiner have Eg:

  • Test on clothing that the perpetrator had on in the robbery
  • What type of gun was used in a murder case
  • Did the perpetrators drive in a black SUV

SPOT- (Searching Peak of Tension)

These tests can be performed when there is something or someone missing Eg:

  • Missing people
  • Missing weapons
  • Missing Information
  • Missing items

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