The Importance of Pre-employment Polygraph Testing

The Importance of Pre-employment Polygraph Testing

Ask yourself this question, why would you as an owner of a company want to take the risk of employing the wrong employees that can potentially do your business harm? Arno’s Forensic Solutions is here to ensure that your company employs the right employees. The simplest way to achieve this, is to conduct pre-employment polygraph testing that also includes highly comprehensive interviews. This process allows employers to verify information such as education, job history, work performance and prior behavior which can include credit history, driving records, substance abuse and criminal convictions.

When hiring the wrong people, you immediately reflect back to the interview and think but why? The interview went so well! Yes it went well, but the problem was that you did not ask the right questions at that time to determine that the candidate was not the best fit. We will structure the interview questions and ensure the right employees are hired and that you do not end up hiring someone that doesn’t work out as expected. Statistically speaking, there are more bad candidates available than good. You simply need the right process that allows you to filter out all of the bad to get the best. During the pre-employment test, the candidates sometimes rather confess in honesty than hiding the truth.

Recruiting the right employee for the right job is crucial and has so many advantages. Theft and stock losses will be reduced. Interestingly, this issue is not only about organisational risk, selection of the right candidate also has an effect on other employees such as their performance, health, safety and well-being. It is important to remember that all your employees will be representing yourself and will be the key to your business’ success so why will you select the wrong candidate? Prevention is much cheaper than cure therefore pre-employment polygraph testing is the best way to prevent problems that could occur in your workplace. One must always remember that the attraction, preservation and development of high calibre people are a source of competitive advantage for businesses and are management’s responsibility. Employees that can be trusted will feel empowered and motivated to do their best. If you have employees that don’t build positive relationships with their co-workers or customers and they don’t do what is expected of them it leads to financial costs and a negative work environment.

Not only are ‘Trust’ and ‘Commitment’ key elements for retaining customers, but the success of the organisation also depends on respect, trust and commitment between the employer and the employee. Employees who feel committed to an organisation will have a strong desire to stay with that organisation. Commitment is a psychological sentiment of the mind through which an attitude concerning continuation of a relationship with a business partner is formed.

Unplanned and frequent employee turnover is bad for any business and this is mainly because of a poor selection process followed. Unhappy staff members are poor performers and they will soon look out for something else. Every time an employee leaves and is replaced, high costs are associated to this process of losing the first employee and hiring and training the new one. Not to mention the high recruitment costs.

Polygraph tests are a very effective tool and improve the accuracy and reliability of employment. So why not add this to your company strategy? Governments around the world are using this process, why not you? Any employer that employs people with this professional method would certainly be successful and taken seriously.

Quality of employees, leads to better workers, higher productivity, increased quality and lower employee turnover.

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