Polygraph credentials

When conducting polygraph examination tests, the most important factor is if the examiner has met the required accreditation. Some employers think about the cost of polygraphs before thinking of accreditation. There is always a cheap way and a more expensive way for example: did you ever see a builder building a wall that is very skew and it looks like it will fall over at any minute? That is what the accuracy of the test will be when it’s cheap and no accreditations are required. You will waste your money. The cheap way is not always the correct way.


We should all be concerned about the credentials and qualifications of polygraph examiners and if they belong to some professional organization because we have the company and the person being tested, his/her future is in our hands.

Professional polygraph examiners must have attended a minimum of 7-10 weeks intensive courses that includes psychology, physiology, ethics, history, question construction, psychological analysis of speech, chart analysis and test data analysis.

When hiring a polygraph examiner always ask them about their credentials and experience. Also ask them how many tests can they do per day, if they can do more than 5 per day, you know this is not appropriate according to the association. Five polygraphs per day is the maximum. I have heard of people doing 10-20 per day. How accurate and professional do you think those results will be?

As mentioned earlier, if the polygraph examiner is experienced and truly professional, the examiner will gladly provide you with the information you require. If the information is not available, this can potentially be a big risk you will take. The last thing you need is to spend your money on an inaccurate polygraph test. Inaccurate tests can cost you a lot more money and it can even have a negative impact on your job, relationship, reputation and in a criminal matter questioning your defence. Always be sure the examiners credentials and experience are met.

Arnos Forensic Solutions only associates itself with examiners who have obtained internationally accredited training through the American Polygraph Association Accredited Institute and are members of the South African Professional Polygraph Association. Exams are certified to have been conducted within the technique criteria, examiners may be members of one or more local or internationally accredited associations.

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