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A polygraph test is over 90% accurate, but the experience of the polygraph examiner is more important than the machine itself. It is not just for plug and play. The questions related to the incident are also very important. If the questions are not compiled correctly, the accuracy will go down. An examiner needs to ask the right type of question that will help produce the desired outcome. The questions needs to be straight to the point and short and simple.

Although expert polygraph examiners are focused on ensuring the most reliable test, it is important to know which question to ask that the examinee will not like. But other than those examiners, you should never ask questions to the examinee that is unrelated to the issue under investigation.

Remember we as expert polygraph examiners, needs to be 100% certain of our results therefore everyone gets treated equally. There is no reason for any person to be worried and scared about polygraph examiners, we are there to help and find out the truth. No person will be judged or criticised.


People who never undertaken a polygraph test before are most of the time nervous which is totally normal. The machine is not there to record nervousness. Polygraph examiners are not there to trick examinees and according to the case facts, we do not presume innocence or guilt, we rely on the way we have been trained and can trust our results. There is a lot on the line so professionalism is key.

Polygraph examiners are also there to try and make examinees as calm as possible which will help both the examinee and examiner. The polygraph industry is a very important aspect in any business but the most important thing is to have a proper expert that can assist you. Credentials always need to be asked.

At the end of the day the polygraph examiner is the main lie detector, so in order to have the best results, proper training is required. To become an expert in my field, I have been trained through the American Polygraph Association and they have century’s worth of experience.

Sometimes I hear that people do 10-20 polygraphs a day!!! The maximum an expert should do is 5 polygraphs per day at a minimum of 90 minutes per test.

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