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Aren’t you tired of stock losses/crime/theft and dishonest people in your business? Companies don’t realize that if they don’t spend money to solve a specific problem, they can potentially lose millions each year. Employees get away with a lot and if not properly managed; it will result in losing money unnecessarily. Polygraph tests can prevent this from happening and can assist any company or individuals. Polygraph testing is a very effective tool when used in the correct way by experts. Tests are used to verify the truth and detect deceit in individuals. During the polygraph test, it is much easier for you to exonerate or expose your deception very fast without necessarily having to use other forms of evidence. Lie detector testing is a tool that is very valuable and enables examiners to find a solution and solve the problem under investigation.

Arnos Forensic Solutions


Security Services

As a business owner, do you really want to take the risk not to have proper strategies and security at your company? Most companies are losing a huge amount of money each year because of the lack of proper security at their company. Arno’s Forensic Solutions provides security services to the South African market, focusing on the Mining, Banking, Retail, Commercial, Industrial, Hospitality and Residential sectors.


CCTV Cameras

The most frustrating thing for any business owner is stock losses and most of the time it is because of no security systems in place. The best solution is CCTV Cameras which are properly installed and not visible. CCTV Surveillance is a highly valuable and cost effective tool for companies and even for private use for prevention of safety, security and stock losses.



Aren’t you sick and tired of incidents happening at your workplace and you cannot find the perpetrator? The solution to your problems is to perform investigations on this specific matter. Investigations on any specific matter can be solved with many of our services, but mainly to investigate we will offer you peace of mind to establish who was…


Drug & Alcohol testing

A huge risk for any company is to have employees that are under the influence during working hours. This can potentially mean millions of losses. Drugs and alcohol can lead to theft, fraud, damages, accidents and many more. In any organization employees are the most important asset by far. According to the Occupational Health and Safety Act, any employer may not permit any person that is or my look like…


CCMA Cases

Isn’t it frustrating to sit in a CCMA hearing and you don’t have the time to do so? Arnos Forensic Solutions will do this on your behalf. Arno’s Forensic Solutions has qualified labour specialists that could assist you with any labour-related issues such as disciplinary hearings, terminations, contracts, full HR functions which include payroll, IRP recons etc. Arnos Forensic Solutions are especially competent in polygraph-related dismissals which include representation at the CCMA.


Earlier societies utilized elaborate methods of lie detection which mainly involved torture; for instance, the Middle Ages used boiling water to detect liars as it was believed honest men would withstand it better than liars.[67] Early devices for lie detection include an 1895 invention of Cesare Lombroso used to measure changes in blood pressure for police cases, a 1904 device by Vittorio Benussi used to measure breathing, and an abandoned project by American William Moulton Marston which used blood pressure to examine German prisoners of war (POWs).[68] Marston’s machine indicated a strong positive correlation between systolic blood pressure and lying.

Arnos Forensic Services

Arnos Forensic Solutions can assist any company with Polygraph tests, Fingerprints, Security, CCMA Cases, CCTV Cameras, Drug & Alcohol testing, Investigations. Depending on company issue we will use our resources to determine strategies to solve your problem.

Isn’t it frustrating to have crime, theft and dishonest people in your workplace, we truly believe that we can make a huge difference in the world we live in. 

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  • Arno Enslin is well experienced and well respected in this profession and I highly recommend his services. Arno guided each examinee through the entire polygraph process and made them feel at ease the whole time. His written report was precise and self-explanatory. He is truly worth every cent you will pay. If you want to find the cheapest Polygraph Examiner, you will have to sacrifice on quality and results. Arno’s professional experience and the way the polygraph tests were conducted was definitely the best I have seen!

    Wilma (Company details withheld due to confidentiality reasons)
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